About 5th Seal

In an industry saturated by rappers and beat makers the true emcee and producer are quickly becoming a rare breed. Fortunately their are few who still keep true to the essence and continue to carry the torch in today's music climate. The music of 5th Seal embodies hip hop in it's purest form. His credits speak volumes, Method Man, Cortez, Immortal Technique, Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Krs One, Rass Kass, Kool G Rap, Rakim and Canibus are just some of the artists who have recorded on the music of 5th Seal. 5th Seal is a Brooklyn native who made his name on New York City's underground beat battle circuit, with late partner Metaphysic (RIP). The duo dominated the battles and secured their stake in the New York scene as the producers on the rise. 5th Seal has been living up to the anticipation with various placements, working with hip hop legends, independent artist and various mainstream acts. In addition to albums he has also produced scores for television including the "PEPSI MAX Hip Hop Audible" commercials which featured Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dog and played seventeen weeks on your flat screen. 5th Seal is the producer to watch as he continues to bring that heat on his road to hip hop infamy.